January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

January Dates:

January 1 – No School – New Year’s Day

January 3 & 4 - Tuition Due

January 7 – In-house Registration Begins

January 21 – No School – MLK Day

January 28 – No School

January 29 – Alumni Registration Begins


February Date:

February 8 – Ice Cream Social 4 -5:30

February 4 – Community Registration Begins


January Snacks:

The children will enjoy the following snacks this month: Graham crackers and apple juice, goldfish and juice, Nilla Wafers and peach halves, cinnamon bread and cream cheese, Saltine crackers and cheese slices.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

The 2, 3 and 4-year-old classes will have their parent-teacher conferences in January and February. Please check your classroom bulletin board for conference date and sign up for your conference time. Conferences will be held on the second floor in the library. Children will have a regular school day on their conference day, a substitute will be in the classroom for the teacher.


January 15 – Mrs. Schaefer T/Th class

January 16 – Mrs. Schaefer MWF class

January 17 – Mrs. Lyon T/Th class

January 18 – Mrs. Lyon MWF class

January 24 – Mrs. Campbell – T/Th class

January 25 – Mrs. Campbell – MWF class

January 30 - Mrs. Carbin’s class

January 31 – Mrs. Temenak’s class

February 1 – Mrs. Siff’s class


4CCN Snow Policy

4 Corners Community Nursery follows the Montgomery County School’s closing policy.  MCPS will notify radio and television stations of the decision, usually by 6am.  If it is necessary to close school early, 4CCN will close at 11:45 am.  When MCPS is delayed by two hours, 4CCN will open at 11:15 am and remain open until 1:15 for ALL ages.



Tax Forms

Some of you may be able to use child care expenses as a deduction on your income tax.  If this is the case, please stop by the office for more information.


In House Registration

Registration forms for the 2019-2020 school year have gone home with the 2 & 3-year olds. If you need additional forms, please stop by the office to pick some up. Registration will begin on Monday, January 7th at 9:00 am. Registration is first come first served.


Alumni/Community Registration

Registration for past 4CCN families will be the week of January 29th.

All registration is on a first come first served basis.


Once again the 4CCN community did not disappoint!  Thank you all very much for your generous donations of food for the Luther Rice Food Bank.  Your donations were very much appreciated by the Church.


Holiday Dinner Boxes

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the families participated in the Holiday Dinner box gift.  Your generosity has helped needy families in this community. Thanks to all of you who have helped those in need through this program and Stuff-A-Truck.


Outdoor Play

We will continue to go outside everyday as long as the weather is not too extreme.  Please continue to dress your children in warm clothes, coats, hats and mittens. Please label all garments.


Children’s Yoga Class

Audrey Ho is a former 4CCN parent who is in the process of getting her certification for children’s yoga.  She will be teaching some classes with our children at the beginning of January. Many thanks to Audrey for sharing your talents with our children.


4 Corners Community Ice Cream Social

Our 8th Annual Ice Cream Social will be held on Friday, February 8th. The event will take place in the Social Hall from 4-5:30. The children and families can make their own sundaes and sing and dance with John Henry England.

Look for more information on how you can help out on your classroom bulletin board in the coming weeks.


Help You Child Learn to Make Choices

Do you ever wonder why you child says “no” so often? Saying n is how your child first learns to make choices. Like adults, children like to feel in control of what they do. When children make their own choices, they learn about themselves, how to make good decisions, and lets them know that you trust them.  And, being able to make choices help children avoid peer pressure when they are older.  Allowing children to make choices does not mean that they are allowed to do whatever they want. Below are tips on ways to help your child make choices that work for him/her and for you.



·         Give your child a toy that makes different sounds and has different features. Let her see what happens when she pushes the buttons and pulls the levers.

·         Put three toys within reach of your child. Let him choose the toy(s) to play with. Your child may pick up the toys, look at, and play with them one or all of them.


·         When helping your toddler get dressed in the morning, give her choices. At first, give clear choices. For example:

·         Show two shirts and say, “You can wear the blue shirt or the red shirt today. Which one do you want to wear?”

·         Show tow pairs of shoes and say, “Do you want to wear sneakers or sandals?”

Then ask, “Which shoe do you want to put on first – the right or the left one?”

·         Ask your toddler to pick out two bedtime stories to read together.


·         Let you child help you make lunch. Give her several choices” “Do you want a banana or an apple?” or “Do you ant a cheese and crackers or a cheese sandwich?”

·         When playing with your child, let her choose the games or toys to play with. She will love the chance to play her favorite game with you.

·         Let your child decide in which order he will accomplish tasks. For example, at bedtime, say: “It’s time to get ready for bed. Do you want to brush your teeth or wash your face first?”