April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter


The children will enjoy the following snacks this month: Nilla Wafers and apple juice, animal crackers and juice, mini bagels and cream cheese and oatmeal cookies and apple sauce.

Final Tuition Due

The final tuition payment is due by Friday, April 5th, if you paid May tuition at the time of registration. If you need to pay for May, Laura will send you an invoice in April.

2019-2020 School Year Openings

We still have openings in our Tuesday/Thursday 2s & 3s and 5-day 4s.  If you know anyone who may be interested in learning more about 4CCN, please have them give us a call. Your recommendations are our best advertising!

In-House Field Trips in April/May

In the next two months we will have several groups come visit 4CCN.  April 25th & 26th Squeals on Wheels will bring some farm animals to share with the children. May 1st & 2nd the Under the Sea program will bring sea critters that live in the ocean.

Our in-house field trips are funded by all of the parent’s efforts will the consignment sales. Thank you!

Board of Directors Meeting

A Board of Directions meeting will be scheduled for some time at the end of April, beginning of May. If there is anything you would like discussed at the meeting, please send Susie an email at 4ccndirector@gmail.com or speak with one of the other board members: Helen Lyon, Carla Temenak, Alana Kravitz, Andrea Altuner, Brenna Mikesell, Jessica Goudiss, Jocelyn Donnelly, Nikki Rosen and Laura Stewart.
I do want to thank some of our parents who have served on the Board of Directors for several years. Brenna Mikesell and Jessica Goudiss will be “graduating” at the end of the year. Their many years at 4CCN has benefited decisions we make that affects us all. Thank you, Brenna & Jessica.

 Spring Consignment Sale

 A huge thank you to Kerri Thauby and Stacee Silagi for a very successful spring consignment sale.  Kerri and Stacee were a great team organizing and running both the fall and spring sales this year.  The sale was a big success! Thank you very much Kerri and Stacee.

 A Note From our Co-Chairs:

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and/or consigned with us at the Spring sale. We appreciate your support!

The money raised from the sale helps to maintain our beautiful playground and classrooms, as well as fund the in-house field trips and our other social events throughout the year.

 Many of you decided to donate your remaining items that did not sell. I am pleased to inform you that your contribution helped seven different local organizations. Each one of them was incredibly grateful to receive such needed items to help out others in our community.

This sale was a great success and we absolutely couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for playing an active role in our 4CCN community. It truly takes all of us to make this event happen twice per year. 

 he Fall sale is set for the week of October 21. Please reach out if you need any information.

 Best wishes and we look forward to working with you again! 

Kerri Thauby & Stacee Silagi


 Kindergarten Orientation

Is your child heading off to kindergarten in the fall? If you plan on sending your son/daughter to public schools, please call your designated school for registration information and orientation schedule.

 Luther Rice Memorial Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt

Pastor John Cheek has invited the 4CCN families to and Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 20th from 10 am – 12 pm.  If you are interested in coming, they are asking that each family bring 1 dozen colored hard boiled eggs for the hunt. This has been a fun event for families in past years. Hope you can make it!




·         Struggling with handwriting?

·         Difficulty learning new motor skills?

·         Avoiding coloring, drawing or cutting?

·         Clumsiness? Covering ears during loud noises?

·         Always “on the go” or fidgety?

·         Bothered by tags on clothing?

·         Annoyed by messy hands or fingers?


The Treatment and Learning Center is offering FREE screenings in April.Occupational Therapists are skilled in assessing how a child’s sensory processing abilities, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and gross motor skills impact performance and function in daily life including self-care, play and academics.  Proficient skills in these areas are imperative for children to be successful in the classroom environment.  The screens can also be used as a preventative measure to ensure that your child’s development is on track and the child will have the foundation skills necessary to be able to learn.  Screenings are available for all ages of children and take 30 minutes.




 Healthy Eating:

 It is good that children develop a fear of new things around the time are more able to explore on their own. When they encounter something new, they don’t put it in their mouth to figure it out like they used to. It is not so good when this fear of unfamiliar things includes food. We want children to have a healthy habit of eating a variety of foods. Research tells us that children are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Remember that it may take 10 -15 introductions to a new food before a child accepts it. Part of that introduction should take place daily as through planned activities such as circle time, story time, cooking and gardening. Each introduction helps to increase familiarity and comfort with foods. Teach children where their food comes from. Show them how it grows. Have them participate in preparation of food. Engage with children in unplanned informal conversations about healthy eating. Extend and reinforce learning by engaging with families through newsletters that describe new foods their child is exploring with you.