May 2019 Newsletter

 The Last Day of School

The last day of the school year for the Tuesday/Thursday class is Thursday, May 30th.  The final day of school for 2018-19 is Friday, May 31st.  Please read “End of the Year Celebrations” in this newsletter regarding the last day of school.

 May Snacks

During the month of May, the children will have Graham Crackers, Goldfish and Chocolate Cat Cookies with juice. The final week of school, we will finish up what is left!

 In-House Field Trip

Under the Sea will visit us on May 1st & 2nd. We will explore creatures that live in the sea. You can visit more aquatic life at the Glen Echo Park Aquarium,

 Board of Directors Meeting

On Wednesday, May 15th, the Board of Directors will meet. If there is anything you would like discussed, please let a board member know. The board members for 2018-19 are Andrea Altuner, Jocelyn Donnelly, Jessica Goudiss, Alana Kravitz, Brenna Mikesell, Nikki Rosen, Helen Lyon, Carla Temenak, Laura Stewart and Susie Ostermeyer.

 Staffing Changes

Nanci Schaefer will be retiring after 30 years at 4CCN. Nanci has been such a huge part of 4CCN. Nanci has seen so many changes during her time here at 4CCN.  Thank you Nanci for all of your wisdom and your love for teaching and enriching so many children’s lives.

As of this writing, decisions on staffing arrangements have not been finalized.


 September Dates

Returning families here are some dates for your calendar:

September 2nd – Labor Day

September 5th & 6th – Get Acquainted Open House 9:15-10:15

September 9th – First Day of School, first week 9:15-12:15

September 30th – No School, Rosh Hashanah


 Openings Available

We still have openings available in our T/Th 2s & T/Th 3s programs. Please let your friends know about 4CCN.  Please have them give us a call 301-681-9520 or send an email  You are our #1 advertiser, help spread the word about our great program.

Summer Work

This summer we will have all the asbestos floor tiles removed from the hallways and classrooms. Work will begin at the beginning of June. We will not have access to our space during this time.  New flooring will be laid mid-end June.

Annual Survey

The 4CCN Annual Survey will be emailed to you directly in the beginning of May. Please take some time to fill out the survey. Your input is important to us. The Board of Directors evaluates the results and gives us an opportunity to discuss any necessary changes.  Thank you.

 Playground Use after School

The weather is getting warmer outside and we are enjoying the playground after school.   Safety of all children is very important even after school.  Please supervise your children at all times.  Please follow these safety rules we have in place during the school day:

·         Parents only unlock gate

·         Keep gate closed at all times

·         Parents need to supervise children at all times

·         No jumping off equipment

·         No climbing on fence

·         Cover sandbox after use

·         No throwing mulch/sticks/rocks/sand KEEP SAND IN SANDBOX!

·         Stay away from classroom windows

·         Please remember to lock gate if you are the last one off the playground

·         Parents/care takers are liable for the safety of their children after school hours

AP Testing

High School students from the area will be taking their AP Exams during the weeks of May 6 – May 17. Testing will take place in the Social Hall (consignment room).  You may notice more teens around the building during those two weeks.

End of the Year Celebrations

Friday, May 31st is our last day of school for the 2018-19 school year.  It is a 4CCN tradition to have an end-of-year picnic at a local park. All classes and staff will come together from 10-12:30 to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. More information will follow in the next few weeks.

4CCN does not have any kind of promotion or graduation ceremony for our 4-year old children. Children respond differently to situations. Where some children are very comfortable with a celebration like this, it makes others very anxious. We want the end of the year to be a positive one for all children. Please celebrate this mile stone as a family that suits your child/family best.


Kindergarten Orientation

Is your child heading off to kindergarten in the fall? If you plan on sending your son/daughter to public schools, please call your designated school for registration information and orientation schedule.

 Remember to Unplug

Unplug to Connect

·         Kids who spend less time with screens spend more time with their families

Caring adults help children:

·         Feel comfortable with themselves

·         Have success with friendships

·         Love learning

Screen-free connections don’t have to take a lot of time; they can easily happen every day:

·         Chat on the way home from school

·         Cook meals together. Kids love stirring and measuring

·         Share songs and stories during bath time.

No app or program is as interactive as a teacher, parent or playmate.


Unplug to Learn

          How do Preschoolers learn best?

·         Exploring with all their senses

·         Through hands-on free play

·         Having lots of conversations

·         When grown-ups read to them

Children who spend less time with screens:

·         Do better in school

·         Have more time for creative play and interacting with caring adults, tow activities essential to learning


Unplug for Health

          Children who spend less time with screens:

·         Fall asleep faster

·         Sleep longer

·         Eat healthier

·         Get more exercise

Be a positive role model

·         Kids learn screen-time habits from parents and caregivers

·         Encourage outdoor, free play as often as possible – it helps develop strong, healthy bodies

·         Make bedtime routines screen free – kids who use screens at night have more sleep problems.

·         Keep screens out of bedrooms

·         Enjoy screen-free, family meals – they encourage healthy eating

Unplug and Play

Children naturally create their own fun. But if they ever need help getting started, her are a few suggestions:


Alone or with a friend:

·         Draw with sidewalk chalk

·         Dig in mud

·         Make sheet tents for indoor camping

·         Play dress up

·         Build with cardboard boxes

Doing chores

·         Paly “I Spy” at the grocery store

·         Make sorting laundry game

·         Sing songs while cleaning up

Traveling and eating out

·         Find cars in different colors

·         Count stops until your station

·         Draw on paper napkins and placemats

Did you know?

·         There is no evidence to support the popular view that children must start using screen technologies early on to succeed in a digital world.

·         How children spend their time is important – lifelong habits and behaviors are formed in childhood.

·         TV, digital game and the internet can be habit-forming.

·         Content matters: Even a little exposure to fast-paced, violent, sexualized or commercialize games and programs can be harmful.

·         The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding screens for children under 2 and no more than 1 to 2 hours of screen time a day for older kids.

·         4 Corners Community Nursery is a screen-free program!


A BIG Thank You!

So many of you helped us throughout the year. Thank you for being part of this community of families.


J Thanks to everyone who apportioned snack for us.

J Thanks to those who served as room parents, helped with the BBQ and Ice Cream Social.

J Thanks to the parents and teachers who served on the Board of Directors.

J Thanks to Stacee Silagi & Kerri Thauby for two successful Consignment Sales.

J Thanks to those of you who fulfilled your required consignment hours and extra thanks if you worked additional hours.

J Lacey Talero, our Scholastic Books coordinator.

J Regina Park who has formatted the monthly newsletter for me.

J Thanks to a great staff who work so hard throughout the school year.

J Thank you for sharing your children with us. They give us so much joy and laughter.

J Thank you for being a part of this great community!