general Information & Price Guides


Since 1974, 4 Corners Community Nursery (4CCN) has provided our parents and the community with the opportunity to sell children’s used clothing and toys at our bi-annual consignment sales, which serve as fundraisers for the school. In the past, the sales have proven very successful for both 4CCN and its consignors. A portion of each sale’s proceeds are used to purchase new equipment and educational materials for the classrooms, maintain the playground as well as provide funds for in-house field trips.

The profits from the sale are split equally between the consignors and 4CCN. We believe our Fall Pricing GuideSpring Pricing Guide make the sale attractive to buyers (generally 50% or more off of best retail prices) while also fairly compensating consignors. Also, please refer to the Toy/Equipment Pricing Guide and Maternity Clothing Pricing Guide. Items not sold will either be returned to you or donated to a needy charity, based on your direction.

Since the sales are 4CCN’s only fundraisers, we sincerely hope that every current 4CCN family will fulfill their service hours in order to help us continue to make this endeavor the huge success that it is. Each family is obligated to complete 4 hours of service and one additional hour for those families who have additional children enrolled for each sale.

Consignment sale procedure packets and blank tags are available in the nursery office if you have items you would like to consign. There is a $5.00 cash fee for codes which covers copying and other administrative costs. Remember that all items need to be priced prior to drop off, so get started early. All consignors must have a code. Please call as soon as possible as codes are assigned on a first come first served basis.

For more information about 4 Corners Community Nursery Consignment Sale, please e-mail our consignment sale chairperson at

Each consignor should use their own best judgment to establish fair prices for their items.  Keep in mind that shoppers attend the sale looking for bargains.  Items in perfect condition should be priced at least 50% off retail.  Things priced too high will not sell.